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Kicking Digital

Who we are…

Welcome to Kicking Digital! We are a creative digital design consultancy specialising in the music and entertainment industry.

We’re a design agency with a niche, we only work with the music and entertainment industry! We believe that this has made us the best at what we do! With our experience and expertise, we always deliver inspirational and creative work and have many satisfied clients. Why not take a look at our portfolio page to see some examples?

What we do…

Here at Kicking Digital we focus on creating great design work. We can be original, edgy, unique whatever you want us to be! Our work will never compromise the basic principles of good design so you can be assured you are getting a professional service.

With our speciality in music and entertainment we have handpicked a unique team making us the best in the business. Our clients benefit from not only their creative expertise but their engaging and professional attitude as well.

Who we do it for…


We’ve already worked with some of the biggest names in the business, from internationally renowned record labels to international DJ’s, but we also regularly work with smaller startups in the industry too. From designing album cover artwork to creating ads, it’s all in a days work for us.

Our team can develop websites, banners, flyers and more for any music or entertainment business worldwide. Take a look at our portfolio page to find out more.